nyahello there!
hi!! i just started this website a week ago :3 so it's currently under construction!!! pls be patient while i keep working on it :D

i'm hoping it's somewhat mobile compatible but it definitely works best on google chrome

thank u for stopping by!
ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡
i've felt really bored of and disillusioned with a lot of social media for awhile now. i realized that it just wasn't a place that i could run and escape to anymore like it was in my childhood.

my otaku brain dreamed of a place where i could express myself and embrace my love for sweet and cute things.

i'm not the best at coding and stuff and i'm still learning the basics LOL but here we are!!! i hope my lil zone for all the things that make me happie in life makes u smile too!!!

feel free to say hi in the comment box on the right!!!!!!

  i love emu otori!!!